Picked my oldest up a little early from school and took him to an afternoon screening of Planes. I didn’t like the movie. Who are those movies made for? Why is it OK for them to say idiot but not butt? I’m a liberal person but these Disney movies really bother me. Eh, I could go on but anyways, I loved being in a near empty theatre with him.

And now I sit, protecting my 3 year-old from whatever it is he’s scared of and while working on the show.

So much for Wednesday being Wordless.


I loved spending time with my oldest. There was only one other mom in the audience chasing around her 1 and 4 year-old. I totally related and looked over at my oldest and thought of how big he was and I thought maybe I could hold his hand for a second. Yeah, no.

So, plans for after the show might just have to involve more snuggles with my little ones and me trying to chill out.