A post by Expressing Motherhood Co-Creator/Director Lindsay Kavet.

Ever since our second show, there were no profits with the first, we have donated between 5-10% of our money to Family Care International. It is a charity that is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safer around the world.

Here is their mission statement:

FCI envisions a world where no woman suffers preventable injury or death from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes, and in which all people are able to enjoy their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Being a show that highlights mothers stories we have received and spotlighted a lot of birthing stories. What has always struck me is the fact that we live in a country where we are lucky enough to have birthing plans, access to hospitals, doctors, midwives, medicine, choices, endless access to help and information.

That’s me at Cedars baby! Delivering baby #3.


At a bare minimum, a woman should be helped as much as possible to have a healthy pregnancy. And here we are in 2012 and women, far too many, are dying in labor or while pregnant.

Here is a mind blowing fact from FCI, “Every two minutes, every single day, a woman dies needlessly from complications of pregnancy or childbirth.”

Here is a video Family Care International made.