A post by Co-Creator/Director Lindsay Kavet.

This show has been built on the theme, you never know when life is going to happen so let’s get our ducks in order way in advance so when poop hits the fan we can clean it up without stressing over the show.

Sure enough this week life happened. We had water at my house but no ability to use it as there were/are some technical issues going on with the pipes. Take 3 kids, 2 parents, one dog, 4 chickens and hot LA days and by day 3 husband looked at me and said let’s go check into a hotel.

We have great friends who offered up their bathtubs but homeboy and I needed a real switch up. We haven’t gone on vacation in a long time, 3 kids come on, so we did it, checked into a fancy schmanzy hotel and ordered room service. And mostly bathed everyone.

Oh that is beautiful. Do your pipes work?

My husband and I sat in the very nice bathroom drinking and eating our room service. What, you’ve never gone to a hotel with kids before? 3 kids? No closet will fit all 3. So we partied there.

I fretted that this is what we are teaching our LA kids, just check into a hotel versus my upbringing of sacking potato sacks during the Iowa floods of 1993. The difference though, during those floods at least we could flush the toilets.

So anyways the point of me sharing this story is just my utter admiration for families who do not have access to running water. I googled “percentage of people who do not have access to running water” and I happened upon this cool, informative site. Turns out that 3.575 million people die a year from water related incidences, that’s the population of LA.

My washing machine is like music in my ears right now. This is a random post but a thought I felt like sharing. And BTW we want to hear and share your random thoughts! Creative moms submit to us about your journey. Or submit to our new “Today Was…” series.

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