Opening night, February 7th, is also National Wear Red Day in honor of raising awareness against hear disease.


Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, more then any cancer combined.

If you haven’t seen the PSA that the actress Elizabeth Banks made then here it is.

I had her experience, except I was fortunate to not be having a heart attack, rather I was diagnosed with AVNRT.

I literally didn’t leave for the ER for 45 minutes, because I didn’t want my husband to wake up our napping kids. I drove myself.

It was the scariest situation in my life at the ER being administered medicine to my heart, which stopped my heart, 3 times, to try and slow it down.

I had ignored my heart all Fall and now I know not to do that.

I have alleviated stress and I drink a lot more water and less caffeine and also take a beta-blocker. I haven’t had another attack since last May, woo to the hoo.

I’ve talked to a few women who have admitted, their hearts have been acting “funny” only they just ignore it. Don’t ignore your hearts moms.

We need them to live.

So wear red opening night if you feel up to it!