Last night upcoming Chicago performers Stacie Burrows, Shannon Noel, a wonderful new friend of Stacie’s I got to meet all had dinner under twinkly lights surrounded by a warm LA night.


It was one of those moments when you open a little door and are transported into the sexy side of LA. Fabulous food, fun, great waiters, people just happy to be out. (well, that’s my version on the sexy side of LA anyways)

We talked about who will be watching our kids while in Chicago. We talked about a lot of things and by the end of the night I was laughing so hard I was crying.

The perfect kind of face lift.

If that’s any kind of indication of how Chicago will pan out,  I think the extra stress every person goes through in being a part of the show must be worth it and the joy will outweigh it.

Of course I’m nervous to leave my kids for a week, it’s out of my comfort zone. But I realize I’m in my comfort zone far too often.

As our dinner wrapped up one mom commented how fun it was and how she would have just been tossing spagetti in Topanga. I said I would have been warming up hot dogs in my neck of the woods and we all laughed again as we piled into Stacie’s minivan in the heart of the city.


We dined at the Little Door and some roasted figs along with coconut cheesecake was a “life changer” for Stacie and myself. See I’m laughing again and that’s good.

Friends, swapping stories and making time to do just that are good for the soul and I look forward to Chicago immensely.