A post by Co-Creator/Director Lindsay Kavet.

I can’t wait to be backstage in the blue light while the brave moms are up onstage and I can just sit back there and listen to them.

Looking at the performers, like Dr. Kathy Magliato from above, who are waiting to go up.

In awe that they are participating in the show. Comforted by the rawness of the show.

Enjoying the reaction from the audience.

Looking over at my Co-Producer’s, Jessica Cribbs, face and making sure that all is well. Theatre keeps us on our toes.

Watching them walk out onto the stage and feeling amazed at the intimacy. And thankful for it. Seems so much of us walk around never sharing the good stuff. Even if it’s messy.

I walk around most of my days fueled by anxiousness. But I find myself there, calm.

Being under the blue light has become one of my favorite places to be over the last few years.

Me backstage.