“Same Love”

When I first heard "Same Love" my jaw dropped. I was driving by myself. I turned the song up and then I started crying. I immediately thought of a mother's love and how we all want the best for our children, plain and simple. I just love this song. If you haven't heard it here [...]

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Expressing Motherhood Gear On Sale

Looking for a cute, unique gift for a new or old mom? How about an Expressing Motherhood shirt? (we have will have maternity shirts for sale any day now!) Check out our organic, made in California t-shirts, yes they run long, we know what you want. We also have a boxier cut, think Flashdance. Just [...]

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Meet Our Chicago Cast

Kim Allen-Niesen Kathleen Buckley Stacie Burrows Robin Maxfield Jayme Miller Shannon Noel Colleen O'Neill Kendra Pinkleman Amy Rowe Melissa Shattuck Elizabeth Soutter 

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Buy Your Ticket Here

We have no current tickets for sale because we haven't set our next show yet. But please check back frequently and follow us on Facebook so you will know when we open up our submission process. Thank you, Lindsay & Jessica

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