Expressing Motherhood has had a handful of live, virtual shows since we have been in this pandemic. Thank you to everyone who has participated. You can view our previous shows on YouTube here.

We have two shows left, April 18 and May 9.


Tickets can be purchased for our Sunday, April 18th show at 5pm PST here. A percentage of proceeds for our remaining shows will benefit ExMoShow alum Larkin O’Leary’s non-profit, Common Ground Society. Their mission is , “To educate and empower our community to be more compassionate, accepting, and inclusive of people with disabilities. Also to help families within the special needs community find meaningful connections and access resources.”

Our last show for awhile will be Mother’s Day, May 9th at 5pm PST. Submissions for our final virtual show for awhile will be accepted April 5th – April 11th.

I’m looking for stories about parenting in the pandemic, no longer then 750 words. Submissions should be emailed to me, Lindsay Kavet, lindsay (at)expressing motherhood(dot)com

A year into this pandemic. A lot more gray hairs for myself, a desire to create, bake, a kid over my shoulder at any given moment combined with a mid-life crisis. The world needs our stories. Stories about motherhood and stories about and from women over 40, so here is a chance.