5. Our Sponsors – It’s no secret Expressing Motherhood has had some great people and businesses supporting the show and sharing their gifts with our audience. Our opening night show is sponsored by Club MomMe in Los Angeles. Every member of the audience that night will be getting a free glass of wine and a goody bag with the fantastic show they’re seeing. On February 9th, our matinee audience will get a great coupon to use at Wax Poetic, a salon focused on waxing…we all need a little waxing now and then. At our Valentine’s Day show on February 14th, one lucky audience member will receive a one night stay at the Tangerine Hotel in Burbank, CA in our Romantic Getaway Giveaway! Who says you need to go far to get away?

4. It’s A Girls Night Like No Other – Gather the troops and get out for the night. We are giving you a legitimate, amazing reason to get that sitter (or husband as mine likes to call himself sitter sometimes) and get out for the evening. You are not only going to enjoy wine and dinner, whatever you chose to do before the show, but you are most certainly going to have something to talk about on the way home. Guaranteed.

3. Someone Else Is Watching Your Kids – It could be the husband or the cheapest babysitter you could find on Craigslist…take advantage and get out of the house. Spanx yourself nice and tight, put on those heels hiding in the back of the closet, have that girls night you’ve been waiting all month for and let someone else put those wee ones to bed. Let someone else get that night time routine done…the fighting and pleading to say up longer, the feet in the face while trying to help a three year old get the Dora jammies on, the toothpaste and story time. As much as you might enjoy toes in the nose like me, let someone else do it for one evening and leave the house.

2. You Need A Good Laugh Or Cry – We all have those days. Sometimes it’s a laugh you desire, other times its the cry. I’m never sure why I need either, but I know it feels great when I do. Expressing Motherhood will give you both, maybe even at the same time, it doesn’t matter. Pack your tissues and maybe the tube of mascara for reapplying. Come, get it out with us…cry, laugh, slap your knee, hide your face in your sweater. We’re here for you.

1. It’s Theatre You’ll Never Forget – This show is some of the best, most genuine real live theatre you’ll ever see. These stories are original, they are funny, sad, poignant, spoken, sung…they might even be your story. If there is anything I’ve learned from producing and performing in this show, it’s the desire we all have to connect with one another, maybe just even one person who’s experienced what we have as a or there. Good or bad, Happy, sad, frustrating or disappointing. You will walk away from Expressing Motherhood entertained. You’ll walk away in tears, or in laughter…you will walk away moved. You will leave the show feeling blessed, the blessings that come with time for yourself, the blessings that come with being with friends and the blessings that come from hearing other stories that help you reflect on your own.