Here is a glimpse at how Today Was…for upcoming performer Krista Knott.


today was hard. and easy. and very much the same as most of the days before today. and, yet…different.
there are certain rhythms that happen all on their own.
the mornings. the waking up, the creaking of doors and hallways.
i always say i will set the alarm early, have my coffee finished before the kids wake up.
this never happens.
and i always feel like i’ve let myself down.
throughout the day, i have a ever growing to do list that flashes like a strobe light behind my eyelids.
projects to do, chores to tackle, recipes to master. lately, i feel like i am nothing except unchecked boxes.
i take photos throughout the day because i like to look back and see the rooms as they really were.
to remember the small moments.
most days, i feel like i am documenting my failed attempts.
today, as my baby napped and my daughter looked at books, i uploaded some photos onto the computer and started scrolling through them.
the random snapshots from the day.
and i hear her voice from behind me.
mommy!  oh my goodness! you take such beautiful pictures! look at that!
she was looking at the the photo of the kitchen counter.
she gave me a huge kiss and went back to the other side of the couch to her book.
today was just like every other day.
and yet totally different.