A guest post by upcoming performer Shannon Noel.  Today Was…is our new series that consists of your photos and words that capture your day.
TODAY WAS…as every day is, all things BOY!  I love this picture so much. It really does represent a typical day for us.  Please notice the SHARPIE artwork on my couch!  BLACK SHARPIE does not come out.  And if you try, it just makes it worse.  So now we have an original, and permanent, art installation by the Webb Boys.  People pay thousands for this kind of art.  I am so lucky!  (lots of wine brought me to that conclusion)

BOYS!  Man, dog, toddlers.  You must take them outside for at least 50% of the waking hours.  Here they can run freely, get dirty, and pee.  I’ve always loved boys.  But never this much!