This week I have been overwhelmed with the feeling that I am the woman in charge of putting on our Christmas.

Albeit for a very small group, but none the less, even if I plan on picking up a pre-made meal from Whole Foods I still have to plan it.

All of the wrapping, cooking that goes on this week. A lot of it by the matriarchs in our families. Today as I bundled myself up trying to feel better from a cold I thought, no wonder my mom so frequently got sick at Christmas!

I openend our newly acquired piano bench, a hand me down from my parents divorce, and in it was a piece of paper with my grandma’s handwriting.

She had listed a Christmas list of songs to play. She could not see well and she never had formal training. You merely had to hum a tune and she could play it.

Music and Food.

That’s what I associate with her visits during the holidays. And peace.

A peace would descend over my house while she visited.

I hope your holidays are nice. I hope you don’t stress yourself out too much over the details. And I hope they are filled with music, food and good company.

To all you grandmas and moms out there doing your best to provide warmth for your family, my hat goes off to you.