Being a part of Expressing Motherhood guarantees ones thing.

You’ll be tired by the end of it.

What we hope it brings of course is a sense of some fulfillment and a feeling that you have put yourself outside of your comfort zone and liked it.

You can read how performer Shannon Noel Webb feels here.

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Krista Knott also weighs in over here.

As for myself.

I always am so relieved when the show comes around. Finally, people sharing things that are rarely, if ever expressed out loud. It feels as if it’s a very brief moment where a collective sigh is heard and felt. Ah. I’m not crazy.

Or rather, I’m not the only one who feels crazy.

Thank you for being a part of this show.

I told my husband the other night, I feel as if I have fulfilled my little girl dreams.

I’m satisfied by what the show brings. There is a struggle with wanting to be with the show more and more but when my two little ones called out mom and sat on either hip this morning I felt lucky to be able to spend the day with them. I’ve had two weeks to “play.”

The show has become a channel for my worries, loneliness, anxiety and hope.

I’m glad I can focus on my kids now as their screaming tells me I have not been.

But I already am thinking of the next show in giddy anticipation.