New Episode on Podcast: Anne Tollet, Interior Designer

Anne Hulcher Tollet and I had a 45 minute conversation that is up on the newest episode of the Expressing Motherhood podcast. LISTEN HERE. Anne is one funny, smart, candid, Southern mom. She has a staff that is helping her with her thriving business, Hanover Avenue. Hanover Avenue helps you become your own interior designer, with [...]

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Upcoming Expressing Motherhood Shows & Submissions

Expressing Motherhood has a lot of shows this Fall, all over the nation. The Burbank Fall 2012 Cast Buy your tickets for: BOSTON * LOS ANGELES * SIOUX FALLS * SAN FRANCISCO Submissions for the first ever Des Moines, Iowa show will be accepted October 19th. Information here. The new Expressing Motherhood podcast has already interviewed [...]

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Submissions and a New Podcast Episode: Loretta Fox

Thank you to all who submitted for the September Expressing Motherhood show in Los Angeles. The cast will be announced soon. I felt pretty raw after going through the submissions yesterday. I went and sat in my messy playroom and was just comforted by my kids' toys and wished I could cast a spell to [...]

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Los Angeles Submissions Accepted On June 23rd

Submissions for the Fall Downtown LA show will be accepted June 23rd only. Please see Submissions for details. I was fortunate enough to meet Jillian Lauren at Mom2Summit last month and chatted with her on the new Expressing Motherhood podcast. Please tune in around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Had some technical difficulties but the [...]

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Submissions, A Podcast and a New City

A big thank you to all who submitted for the Boston, San Francisco & Sioux Falls shows. We will get back to you within the next two weeks. The September Los Angeles show will be accepting submission on June 23rd. Please check under Submissions for details on showtimes and rehearsals. We have one more city [...]

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Expressing Motherhood’s New Podcast is on iTunes

Expressing Motherhood's new Podcast is on iTunes, BlogTalkRadio and you can also find it here on the blog. I'm working the kinks out but enjoying listening to the creative moms talk about what projects they are up to and how they find time to be creative. #exmoshow

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