Maternity Shirt Giveaway

Alright, who wants one of our cute black, maternity t-shirts? Because we are giving one away. Simply leave a comment below and we'll pick a winner tomorrow morning and ship it your way. A great gift for yourself or for someone else.  

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Feedback on Our New Maternity Shirts

I asked a woman I know to be honest with me about the fit of our new maternity shirts, this is what she had to say: I love the shirt, I think it is so comfy I honestly wish I could wear it all the time. The fabric is great and it looks good with [...]

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Looking for Pregnant LA Moms for a Short Photo Shoot

Our new maternity shirts are arriving next week and we are looking for a few pregnant moms in Los Angeles who would be willing to come hang out at my home on Tuesday October 1st from 10-12 for a photo shoot. We'll also take non-preggos too! Bring your kids, I'll have my nanny here. Free, [...]

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