Tickets On Sale For Hollywood

Tickets are now on sale for the Hollywood February 7th show. Meet the Hollywood cast here. Kristina Leach Fran De Leon Lisa Natale Malena Hougen Mommy Tonk Chara Campanella Nancy Murphy Elisa Nixon

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Introducing the South Bay Cast

  BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE   Local Producer Brandy Johnston and myself are happy to announce the South Bay Cast: Stacy Upton Kerry Anderson Angela Cullop Emily Coe-Sullivan Malena Hougen Megan Dolan MommyTonk Cathleen Daniel Jessica Patay Linda Daly Lora Ackermann   Congratulations! The submissions were very strong and there were quite a few. Tickets [...]

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Ho Hey

A guest post from recent performer JJ Keith. JJ Keith Driving home from the last show of Expressing Motherhood, I listened to “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers on repeat. I’d adopted the song as my unofficial anthem of Expressing Motherhood, despite the fact that Expressing Motherhood has an official anthem. For weeks I’d [...]

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