Pop Up Show: Silver Lake February

I tried to sit on my hands until the May show but my hands didn't want that. I'm calling the February show I'm now planning an Expressing Motherhood Pop-Up show.   Submissions will be accepted soon, between December 3rd-6th. For details on the two nights, back at the intimate and lovely Spirit Studios, please see [...]

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On The Fence About Submitting?

Get off the fence and jump on in to a challenge. We want to hear your story.No, you don't have to dress like this.We just happen to love dress up over in these woods. As a former performer said, challenges to ourselves as we grow older grow further and further apart. Now every [...]

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Two Time Performer, Sarah Maizes, Has My Children Obsessed

Sarah and her children Sarah Maizes is a two time performer in Expressing Motherhood. She's the mother of three, a writer, performer and now children's book author. Last year, Sarah offered to give us a copy of one of her recently published books for giveaway in Expressing Motherhood. She sent me two copies....so, [...]

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Spotlight on a Sponsor: Out of Print

If you've been to one of our shows you know that we often raffle off great items. This upcoming show will prove no different. We've been given some great gear from Out of Print Here is their mission: Out of Print celebrates the world’s great stories through fashion. Our products feature iconic and often out [...]

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OdysseyO And The Visionary Behind It

I love Burbank....most anyone who knows me, knows this fact about me. I love The Valley...whew.. There, I said it out loud. I love The Valley. Ok, now, that that’s out of the way, I want to tell you something about Burbank. The skyline of the city is changing this week. The show, Cavalia is [...]

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