Expressing Motherhood is Tonight

Expressing Motherhood is tonight at 7:30PM at The Downtown Indpendent. Tickets are still available(though not many) Please allow ample time for parking. Use the lots surrounding the theatre or street parking, read signs. Ledlow is a great restaurant for dinner pre-show. It opens at 5:30, you can park and walk to Ledlow and the theatre. [...]

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On The Fence About Submitting?

Get off the fence and jump on in to a challenge. We want to hear your story.No, you don't have to dress like this.We just happen to love dress up over in these woods. As a former performer said, challenges to ourselves as we grow older grow further and further apart. Now every [...]

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Support LA Stage Alliance

Expressing Motherhood is all about the LA Stage Alliance's new creative space in Atwater Village. It aims to be build the theatre world a shared community center in LA. A place for artists to get together and meet with collaborators or a place to study your lines. It will house props, space for rehearsal, Wifi and [...]

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Real Moms of LA

The only common denominator between the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Expressing Motherhood is high heels. Last night as I watched a recorded Housewives of Beverly Hills I couldn't help but thinking that Expressing Motherhood is pretty much the exact opposite of that show. The beautiful women fight so much and yes I know [...]

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New Post up for “What The Flicka”

Here is a piece titled "Maturing in Hollywood" I wrote for Felicity Huffman's "What The Flicka." See how much I have "matured?" We are happy to be contributing pieces for them under our show's name. We will be highlighting creative mamas out there on their journeys.

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Type A For Expressing Motherhood

Alex Asher Sears is generously donating and creating something using her calligraphy skills via Type A  for all patrons to our opening night, Ladies Night Out. I love her bio on her website: Born in the shade of the Hollywood sign, Alex Asher Sears was raised within a family of artists and filmmakers. As a [...]

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