Santa Monica Submissions Accepted June 15-17

Expressing Motherhood is headed West again. We will be back at the beautiful Moss Theatre. Submissions for the Fall October 23rd 7PM show will be accepted between June 15-17. The rehearsal is October 10th, 5-9PM. All submissions should be sent to between the 15-17.

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Tickets On Sale For Hollywood

Tickets are now on sale for the Hollywood February 7th show. Meet the Hollywood cast here. Kristina Leach Fran De Leon Lisa Natale Malena Hougen Mommy Tonk Chara Campanella Nancy Murphy Elisa Nixon

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Meet The SilverLake Cast

The Silver Lake cast has been cast. Tickets are now on sale. Showtimes will be: Thursday December 4th @7:30PM Friday December 5th @7:30PM **Sunday December 7th @7:30PM Thursday December 11th 7:30PM Friday December 12th @7:30PM **Saturday December 13th @7:30PM (**Please note the weekends are Thursday, Friday & SUNDAY and then Thursday, Friday & SATURDAY)   [...]

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Announcing Our Next Show

Expressing Motherhood is happy to announce our next show. We will be in SilverLake at the Lyric-Hyperion Theatre. The intimate theatre allows for food from their diner and wine and beer to be brought into the theatre. We will have 6 shows only, the first two weekend in December. But first submissions. Those open, October 1st [...]

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Red Shoes & Hollywood Boulevard

This morning I had the rare treat of taking a shower, blowing my hair dry, putting on makeup and a dress. Usually it's me getting the kids ready. My 3 year-old asked why I was dressed that way and I gave him a kiss and took off to meet Christina and Jessica on top of [...]

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Susanna Morgan’s Video

Susanna Morgan is an LA mom who was in our show, Fall of 2012.   She performed a great piece. I asked her if she'd be interested in "re-creating" it and filming it. She was game. I promptly ordered a fake hair piece and a mustache. Susanna showed up one afternoon and we made this [...]

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