Submissions & Diving Into My Creative Cocoon

Submissions are open and I listened to KCRW this AM, a little Jason Bentley to get your day started never hurts anyone. Jason Bentley I felt that trickle of thrill I get when I begin to dive into reading the submissions and patching the show together. Heard this song by Andrew Bird called [...]

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Submissions Open On Monday For Chicago

My boys and I were in the car last week and KCRW had a terrific set on. Including this piece by Little Jeans called "Oh Sailor." My 3 year-old blurted out I love this song! We had never heard it. If you are vacillating as to whether or not you should submit. I would like [...]

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“Late Night” by Foals

Today after trying to get ready with two little ones clinging to my skirt in the closet I left them with an unfamiliar babysitter feeling guilty. Only I was leaving to go see my son's first piano recital. I was feeling guilty knowing I'd feel bad if I didn't go. Basically, I was surrounding myself [...]

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My Families Weekend Soundtrack

Anne Litt's show on KCRW  been the soundtrack for my families weekends for a long time now. Her show always helps soothes me right when I need it. Around 2PM on a Saturday when my husband I are wondering what to do with the kids the rest of the day.  The music seems to mellow [...]

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Musical Inspiration

I get a lot of musical inspiration from KCRW. Namely, Anne Litt. Heard a great song the other day titled "Nothing is Wrong" by Mika Ben-Yami. At first I thought of it in the context of saying it to your child every day, thinking she was a mom saying it to her child. "Don't you [...]

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