Meet Second Time Performer, Krista Knott

Krista Knott Southern California native, Krista Knott is putting her feet on the Expressing Motherhood stage for the second time in our next show, opening May 10th. Krista had heard about the show originally through a friend and decided to submit when the next round opened. She performed in Burbank, having only to [...]

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OdysseyO And The Visionary Behind It

I love Burbank....most anyone who knows me, knows this fact about me. I love The Valley...whew.. There, I said it out loud. I love The Valley. Ok, now, that that’s out of the way, I want to tell you something about Burbank. The skyline of the city is changing this week. The show, Cavalia is [...]

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Mother’s Day with Daphne’s California Greek

We open this Spring on Mother’s Day weekend and Daphne’s California Greek has graciously offered to help make our Mother’s Day show a little more special by offering our audience a taste of Daphne’s! Daphne’s California Greek is a Southern California born and bred company. They are a company who believes in being your true [...]

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Nicole Blaine Does Stand Up

So many of our former performers have been performing around town. Expressing Motherhood will be out supporting past performer Nicole Blaine on December 2nd at Flappers as she does some stand up. Here is the info: November 27, Tuesday, 9pm. Burbank Michael's Bar and Grill 2825 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, California 91505 NO COVER, FREE [...]

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Wordless Wednesday

With 1 1/2 hours to myself today...I headed to a local Starbucks to make several lists...and cross things off. Thinking of you and your last performance Susanna Morgan! What you dont see in this picture is several notebooks and a latte with enough espresso to power a car. Happy Wednesday :)

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Make it Count….Vote!

It does not matter who you are voting for...or what measures you are voting to approve or not approve, it's your right to vote..make it count. I am proud to personally come from a history of family in the military..and those brave men and women have secured our country to remain the Democracy it is. [...]

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