How to submit to Expressing Motherhood:

Expressing Motherhood accepts monologues, skits, songs, dances, etc.

The first person ever cast was a gay father. That being said you need not be a mom, the story just has to be yours and pertain to motherhood.

Tips for a great submission:

  • Write a piece that is no longer then 5 minutes when read aloud. You can memorize it or bring your notes up.
  • Short is sweet
  • Make your piece specific and personal. Stay away from broad, “motherhood is hard” pieces.
  • Your piece must be about your story regarding motherhood.

The nitty-gritty:

  • Make sure you can attend both rehearsals and all performances
  • Write your name on your piece
  • Send it as a Word document or in the body of an e-mail
  • Email your piece to the Local Producer running the show

Participants must attend ALL rehearsals and performances.

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Thank you,
Lindsay Kavet

Upcoming Submissions

Boston, MA

Accepting submissions February 20th-23rd for our Boston show

All performers must attend rehearsal:

May 11th 10AM-2PM

Show, May 12th 4PM

Moseley’s on the Charles

Send submissions to Boston Local Producer Robin Golinski February 20th-23rd boston (at)

Please see dates and more details here.

Ridgefield, Connecticut

Submissions are now being accepted for our first ever time in Connecticut, submissions close May 1st.

We will be at Thrown Stones Theatre, July 23rd for a 7PM and 9PM show

  • Submissions deadline: May 1, 2019
  • Performance Date/Times: Tuesday, July 23rd 7pm & 9pm
  • Mandatory Rehearsal:   Saturday, July 20th 9am-1pm

Click here to submit

Click here to submit