Our January 2023 Supper Clubs were magical. Thank you to everyone who shared a story, bought a ticket, helped moved furniture, the list goes on. The first show was held at a home as there was torrential rain. It did not stop us LA, despite all the rumors, we know we are a much heartier bunch than ever given credit for. It was a perfect way to gather for the first time in three years.

Our second show was held outside, on the patio of Pocha LA. We had a wild soul, Marion Lynch, who flew in from New Jersey and shared a song with us. She had never been to a show nor had she known anyone who had been int it. She found us off social media!

Personally, the shows helped me feel a part of my soul and brain that I hadn’t in awhile. Plus, my kids got to see me work. Thank you.

I have four more evenings planned for us LA. Tickets are on sale now.

Submissions are now being accepted until February 27th. Seeking your stories, songs, poetry about motherhood. We will have two casts. Email your submission to lindsay(at)expressing motherhood(dot)com

Would love to get submissions from women of color and men. Please help spread the word.

An April 1st and 8th cast.

Also, a May 12th and 13th cast.

Please indicate which show you’d like to be a part of. The ticket includes dinner, drinks, dessert and a wonderful evening of storytelling, all about motherhood.

“I wanted to say I loved the Supper Club format. It felt like a full evening out and I really enjoyed talking to people I had just met (have not done that a lot since Covid.) Also, with free parking and alcohol I thought the price was on point.” An audience member emailed me sharing with me her feelings.