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Portland May 26th
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11May 2017

Silver Lake Submissions

May 11, 2017|

#ExMoShow is coming back to the East Side of LA. This December treat yourself to two nights of performing. Rehearsal will be December 4th from 10AM - 2PM at The Lyric Hyperion,  Silver Lake's staple that has recently been referred to as "The best place in LA to tell your story," by LA Weekly. Our shows will be Wednesday December 6th at 7PM and Thursday December 7th at [...]

17Nov 2016

Submissions and Show Info for Santa Monica 2017

November 17, 2016|

Expressing Motherhood will be accepting submissions for our April 23rd, Santa Monica show at 6:30PM between January 15-20. Submissions should be emailed to Producer Lindsay Kavet at la(at) Please see submissions for more details. Pieces need to be no longer then 5 minutes when read aloud. We will be back at the Moss Theatre. Our one rehearsal will be held April 20th from 6PM-10PM at the Moss.

13May 2016

Santa Monica Submissions Accepted June 15-17

May 13, 2016|

Expressing Motherhood is headed West again. We will be back at the beautiful Moss Theatre. Submissions for the Fall October 23rd 7PM show will be accepted between June 15-17. The rehearsal is October 10th, 5-9PM. All submissions should be sent to between the 15-17.

29Oct 2015

Shows and Submissions

October 29, 2015|

Here is a run down of shows and submissions to date: Shows: Chicago - Next Week, 2 Nights Only The South Bay - Show in early 2016, tickets not for sale yet Santa Monica - Show in May, tickets not for sale yet Santa Barbara - Show in May, tickets not for sale yet Submissions: The South Bay - Accepted Monday, November 2nd Santa Monica  - Accepted in [...]

21Oct 2015

Submissions for Des Moines, The South Bay & Santa Monica

October 21, 2015|

Submissions are currently being accepted for the first ever Des Moines Show. Submissions for the first ever South Bay show will be accepted November 2nd. Happy to announce we will be doing a Mother's Day show at the beautiful Moss Theatre in Santa Monica on May 3rd.   Submissions for that show will be accepted between January 5 - 11. Information can be found here.

20Oct 2015

Des Moines Submissions Accepted Until Friday October 30th

October 20, 2015|

Submissions for the Des Moines Expressing Motherhood will be accepted until this Friday, October30th. We are looking for stories about motherhood that you are willing to share on stage. We also accept songs, skits and even dance numbers. Just one rehearsal and two shows on the same day in February. Tell your grandma, sister, mom, husband, the topic just needs to be motherhood.

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