Listening to the birds sing...and watching the sun come up

Listening to the birds sing…and watching the sun come up

Submissions for our next show, which will be in Chicago, are opening up this Monday for one week. Here are some commonly asked questions with some answers to help you.

1. How long should it be?

5-6 minutes tops when read aloud. Make sure you read it aloud. Written versus read aloud is a big difference.

2. Are you looking for sketch comedy, monologues?

We are looking for all types of expression. We’ve had stand-up before, skits, song, still waiting for a dance number….

3.What topics are you looking for?

Whatever is close to your heart at this time. We do ask that your story be specific as opposed to general, motherhood is hard pieces.

4. Do I need to be an actor or writer?

NO way! We weren’t show runners when we started this. We built this in 2008 for the mom who just wanted to express herself!!!

5. Do I need to be a mom?

No. The first person we cast was a gay dad while I was scouting a theatre. We’ve had sons and women who haven’t been able to have kids on stage. Your story does need to tie into motherhood.

6. Should I send you more then one submission?

No thank you. Please just send one piece.

7. I’ve been thinking about submitting but I don’t think I could do this. Can I do this?

You should do this.