Expressing Motherhood is grateful be entering our 7th season in 2014.

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Our fabulous artwork for our second show in Venice by Agnete Oernsholt.

Our next show will be back at the urban Lillian Theatre in Hollywood.

Showtimes will be:

February 7 @8PM ,8 @8PM and 9 @2PM AND 7PM

February 14@8PM, 15@8PM and 16@2PM AND 7PM

Rehearsals will be:
Tuesday 10-2PM at the Lillian
Wednesday 10-2PM at the Lillian
Submissions will Open:
November 10th and close November 16th

We are looking for pieces that are no longer then 6 minutes long. Comedic, dramatic, songs, intrepretive dance, etc. We are open to it all.


Please help us spread the word around town!


Thank you

Our first cast ever in 2008 in Venice.

Our first cast ever in 2008 in Venice.