Jill and Jen over at Sleepy Planet have let us know that they are casting for a TV show. Here is the information they sent us, including contact info if you are interested.


First and foremost, thank you all for the encouraging response to our announcement of a potential television show that plans to focus on a community of moms as they participate with us in a baby group and work together to navigate motherhood.
We have exciting new details and developments to share about the show! We are thrilled to announce that we are working with Emmy award-winning Magical Elves to cast a pilot for this show for a major cable network. We are looking for 8 mothers with children age 5 or under to be part of our cast.  To be clear, the emphasis of this docu-reality series will be you and your relationships and challenges juggling motherhood, not your baby’s personal development. We recognize that this type of exposure will not be for everyone, but you may know a mom who would be a perfect fit for the show. We always want to keep our community of moms informed and involved!
What are Magical Elves looking for in a cast member? Magical Elves, the producers of Top Chef, Project Runway (seasons one through five) and Fashion Star are looking for 8, dynamic mothers who will take part in a truly honest, irreverent look at motherhood and all that comes with it. As part of the show, all of the moms who are cast will participate with us in a baby group. As a group we will share our struggles, parenting breakthroughs and triumphs. Magical Elves are interested in your unique perspective and attitude towards motherhood and relationships. There are so many silly moments and unique situations for a mom of young kids, they are especially looking for moms who know how to laugh and have fun, but always tell it like it is.
Magical Elves would love to find a group or groups of women who are true friends and already live in each other’s worlds. As the show will be exploring your parenting friendships and perspectives, established relationships can offer compelling stories. Women who already know each other inside and out are ideal candidates.
This is a fun & groundbreaking opportunity to shine a light on mothers, baby groups and the great bonds that you all share with each other on this journey with a new baby in your life.
If you want to hear more or if you or someone you know is interested in being considered for the show, please email Casting Producer Noelle Cain atmotherhood@magicalelves.com. Include a few photos, a short biography and contact information. Please be sure to let Magical Elves know the extent of your prior involvement with Sleepy Planet, if any.
Many thanks to all of our beloved community of moms for your continued support and encouragement!Love,
Jill Spivack & Jen Waldburger
Co-Founders, Sleepy Planet
Co-Creators, The Sleepeasy Solution
Co-Founders, MomAssembly.com