A Post By Producer, Jessica Cribbs

Trying to organize a schedule for my family in my absence is plain ‘ol crazy. It’s kind of like trying to organize Legos in a ball pit full of Legos at a Lego convention.

There’s just so much.

We fly out Monday morning bright and early for Chicago and my husband made it clear that he really needed someone at the house to ‘replace me.’ for the week.

I laughed and said “Good luck with that buddy. I’m totally irreplaceable.”

In all seriousness, my husband works a lot. Would he be ok if I asked him to take the week off and stay home with the kids?

Of course.

Would the children end up at school on time….and probably dressed?

I assume so.

Would the kids all be alive when I got home?

I’m pretty sure.

But, to relieve the stress of all of that…I’m flying in a younger cousin to help with the kids that week. And as I sit here and make a schedule of what needs to happen when…and where…and for whom…and phone numbers…and….

I am reminded of all of the things I do in the home that go completely unspoken and everyone takes for granted, including myself!

I am not boasting. Please don’t mistake my complete frustration for boasting. Every single on of you mothers and fathers out there do something like this in your daily life too.

DSC_0167I just cannot believe how much there is to lay out for one week of my absence.

I am really..REALLY looking forward to Chicago.