Expressing Motherhood will be in another city for the first time. She gets around.

Santa Barbara we are coming at you.

ExMo alum Jacquelyn De Longe will be the Local Producer.


Jacquelyn De Longe is a three time performer of Expressing Motherhood Los Angeles and is pleased to direct and produce this national community building play in Santa Barbara. She began her production career at 20, driving a van of film reels around Hollywood and with in a few years worked her way up to Associate Producer in commercial VFX production. Tired of 60 hour weeks her creative interests led her to earn her a degree in Fine Art from Art Center College of Design, followed by years of experience in the Los Angeles art world, working for major galleries and prominent artists. Now a resident of Santa Barbara this mother of two (4&6) splits her time between writing for West Coast newspapers and magazines, advocating for children’s art programs as a local member of the California Alliance for Arts Education, and trying to raise the next generation of decent human beings.


The show is one night only, May 4th. Submissions will be accepted in January. Details can be found here.