Expressing Motherhood has been lucky enough to have had people keep coming back to our show time and time again. It is always greatly appreciated when people in the Los Angeles theatre scene continue to do so.

Wendy Hammers is one of those people.

She’s passionate about theatre and story telling. She’s a mom to boot.

Wendy has her own show, “Ripe” which will be playing at The Greenway Court Theatre on Fairfax beginning this weekend.

Expressing Motherhood mamacitas will be going to see the show Sunday, October 28th. If you feel like getting out of the house and hanging out with some of come join us at Lola’s (a place I haven’t been since belly baring shirt were super in, ie early 2000’s) for a martini or food at 5PM. We can walk over to the theatre afterwards. If you are an Expressing Motherhood stalker come on down! Of course only the nice kind of stalker.

Tickets can be purchased online, just put in the word Ripe to search for her show. You can use the discount code Lolas to save $5 off the price of your ticket, which is $25.