I’m sitting here on the floor of my boys room as I keep hissing, go to bed.


Go to bed.

My almost 4 year-old demands I sit here.

My 7 1/2 year-old doesn’t like it.

I’m sitting in the dark thinking over how many years have gone past since our first show in 2008.

I clearly remember coming home and rushing to check on my first born, my only born at that time, to find him asleep, on our modern concrete bathroom floor in a diaper, right outside his room.


No one else had ever put him to bed.

I would have normally been horrified but the thrill of the show’s acceptance made me pick him up and just put him back to bed. Comforted by the shared stories from a man and many women of all ages at our first show in Venice, 2008.

I think of how obsessed I was with Expressing Motherhood for so many years.


I find myself lately just enjoying what it has brought me. A wonderful, big network of women and some men I admire all over LA and some from other states and countries. A big moms group containing people who are brave enough to bare their should on stage.


My goals have changed a bit, I’ve never been one to follow a traditional course but I’m thankful for the show and can’t wait for opening night on Feb. 7th.

Actually I look forward to saturating myself in the performers pieces in the next few weeks and listening to music.

I have found the older I’ve become the more I cry over the pieces.

Looking forward to my fix in a few weeks. Because, really, that’s what the show is for me and that’s what it was created to be.

A fix for all of us yearning to connect in regards to motherhood.

I should stop typing, my oldest is agitated by it.