This morning I had the rare treat of taking a shower, blowing my hair dry, putting on makeup and a dress.


Usually it’s me getting the kids ready.

My 3 year-old asked why I was dressed that way and I gave him a kiss and took off to meet Christina and Jessica on top of Mulholland Drive. We are all LA moms.

Our photographer Christina of Little LA Photography, with her family.

Our photographer Christina of Little LA Photography, with her family.

I got there first and was so happy to see that is was a beautiful LA day.  Crystal clear, albeit a bit windy. I walked to the top of the overlook averted the broken glass and condom wrapping and snapped a photo of a visiting French couple.

Christina pulled up with her sweet little boy and Jessica got out carting our props and we were in full motion.

There we were three moms and one child, two minivans and a beautiful city glistening behind us. Last night I watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and thought here we are real moms of LA and we were so different then any portrayal I’ve yet to see on screen.

Tourists buses came by and people stared.

We just laughed and took photos, clearly comfortable and clearly having fun.

Then we headed down to Hollywood Blvd. Lugging our props, two strollers, gear and a child, giggling over whether or not it was even legal when we were doing.

“Quick, get ready then I’ll shoot,” said Christina. It was on.

Playing dress up has always been a favorite hobby of mine. Caroling neighbors and friends to participate is my second hobby. No one minded. People asked what the show was. We had a riot and Christina’s son couldn’t have called it a wrap better then by having a meltdown.


Afterwards Jessica and I went into a new store, MUJI, then we sat and had a bit to eat.

A Michael Jackson impersonator walked by, the sun beat down on us and I felt right at home and very content.

As we said our goodbyes in the parking garage, I told Jess that the last time I had someone take pictures with me on Hollywood Blvd. was with Polly almost 6 years ago to the day. As I looked at the red shoes Jess wore and was reminded that Polly too wore red shoes.

I’m filled with happiness and gratitude that as I get older I still have friends who will dress up and go make fools of ourselves all for fun. Jessica and I also talked about death briefly before we realized that would just take too long and on my way home I turned the dial and heard “Walk” by Foo Fighters and was reminded of my oldest belting out the lyrics when he was four, “I never want to die!” Much to my husbands amusement and my horror.

When Polly and I shot our pictures I remember feeling anxious afterwards because it was so good.

I used to have this tree on my front driveway in Hollywood and every January it blossomed, in fact it’s probably blossoming right now. It only bloomed for  week. If it rained or was too windy the dainty blossom would be swept right off. I would stare it all week.


Yet it tortured me. That is was so fragile and fleeting.

Ah hell, maybe I’ve had too much coffee now and my kids are certainly having a long nap.

Anyways, just a blissful morning, one I will treasure.


I live so much of my life in fear. Sometimes, it’s hard to let the good times sit and enjoy them. Today I did just that.

I look forward to the photos from Christina.