Maria Shriver visited Lindsay Kavet’s home and interviewed the women about the show, the segment was aired on the Today Show.


A review from a hesitant audience member.

I don’t know what I was expecting, a bunch of mom’s bitching about their kids…….As I sat in the back row, in the closest seat to the door so I could run out of there as soon as my friend finished, I looked around the tiny theater with open interest. It was a lovely timeless theatre, seating around 60-70 people, and today it was filled with women. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes, huddled in groups of two or three, all happily chatting to each other…….I admit it. I loved this show. I laughed out loud. I openly cried. And was pissed as hell when I had to leave early. I actually stayed longer than I should have,  I couldn’t pry myself away. I was having too much fun. The women reminded me of everything that I had feared about becoming a mother. About becoming so human that I felt everything around me, good and bad, and could no longer only focus on what I wanted, what I thought was important in my world.”