Tickets for our first ever Portland, Oregon show are now on sale, buy your tickets here.

Grab your friends for a great mom’s night out.  Come hear this all female cast share their stories about motherhood on stage, one night only at the beautiful Alberta Rose Theatre.

I’ll be flying up to Portland from LA to direct the show and I’ll be packing Mommy Tonk in my suitcase.

Tickets are $25, October 17th at 7PM.

Meet the Portland Expressing Motherhood Cast:

  • Peggy Mannix Slattery
  • Jenny Lind Conlee
  • Jessica Patay
  • Mommy Tonk
  • Danielle Nichols
  • Kari Newhouse
  • Pamela Fiehn
  • Julie Glasser
  • Jessica Swanson
  • Mary MacDonald
  • Emily Corak