You love to write.


You secretly think you look pretty good in red lipstick.


You wouldn’t mind it if a crowd (whom you couldn’t make eye contact with) clapped hard for you.

You have no where to wear your lipstick.

Me with my first.

Me with my first.

If you said yes to any or all of these submitting to our show is right up your alley.But honestly, we have had a lot of women share their writing on our stage for the first time. They had never performed before. Ever. Just because this is Los Angeles this does not mean we are all professionals, by any means.

My mom bartends the show.

My mom. She's so deaf. Yo.

My mom. She’s so deaf. Yo.

My mother in law sells tickets.

My mother in law is unstoppable.

My mother in law is unstoppable.

You can do this. You should do this. You could possibly feel like this…

I hope this pep talk helped. To read about LA past performer JJ Keith’s experience click here. 

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