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Good morning, it's 5:48AM and everyone is asleep at my house. Thought I'd quickly re-cap what Expressing Motherhood has been up to. We just returned from Portland, Oregon where we had a truly wonderful show. This was our second time in PDX and it was a blast. Expressing Motherhood has grown and flourished over this [...]

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Join Our Email List

Expressing Motherhood was founded in 2008 and has flourished all via grassroots effort. Thank you for sticking with the show. Please join our email list to keep in touch. We don't email often. Only to keep you in the loop of our submissions and shows. Expressing Motherhood has and would never share your email with [...]

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Facebook Live with Jeri Dye Lynch

Join Expressing Motherhood on April 2nd from 11:00AM - 11:30AM as I will be speaking with LA mom Jeri Dye Lynch about distracted driving. Jeri has lived a mother's nightmare, her son Conor was killed by a distracted driver, while he was running with his cross country team here in Los Angeles. Jeri Dye Lynch, [...]

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Silver Lake April 2018 Cast & Tickets

Expressing Motherhood's April 2018 Silver Lake show has been cast and tickets are now on sale.   This April show falls few weeks before Mother's Day, get your best mom friend a ticket and come enjoy an amazing evening of community. Speaking of community, Expressing Motherhood is 10 years old. The friendships that have been [...]

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New Video

Recently, a friend, commented that she wished people knew how much fun a night out with Expressing Motherhood is. I have quite a few people express to me that they did not want to come see the show. Even my own mother. But that once they were there, they were blown away. Here is a [...]

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