Mother’s Day Weekend Supper Clubs

  Expressing Motherhood's Supper Clubs will gather again May 12th and May 13th at Pocha LA. Grab a ticket, it includes dinner, drinks, dessert and our show. An evening filled with great food, stories and songs about motherhood. Please note all sales are final. Tickets can be re-sold but we can not offer refunds. An [...]

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Submissions and Supper Clubs

Our January 2023 Supper Clubs were magical. Thank you to everyone who shared a story, bought a ticket, helped moved furniture, the list goes on. The first show was held at a home as there was torrential rain. It did not stop us LA, despite all the rumors, we know we are a much heartier [...]

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Introducing Expressing Motherhood’s Supper Club

Expressing Motherhood's last live show was in January 2020 to sold out shows in Silver Lake. Though much has changed in the world of theatre, after the challenging years we have faced, I'm determined to put on a show again. In actual person. I took ExMoShow alum Xenja out for lunch last week to a [...]

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Saturday, February 12th Show and Submissions

I was waiting for the time to feel right to host another show. My teen caught Covid and we are all home, once again. In the quiet madness that is taking care of 5 isolated people, I really wanted to hear your stories to feel less alone. Please, help me spread the word, submissions will [...]

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Last Show of the Season

Expressing Motherhood has one more show lined up for you, Sunday April 18th at 5:00pm PST and they I am going hiatus. I've been home for a year with my three kids and husband and slowly we are headed back to school, very slowly. Zoom fatigue is the new virus and so one more show [...]

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