Call For Submissions in July

LA will have a Fall show in Silver Lake at The Lyric Hyperion. Submissions will be accepted July 23 & 24th. The rehearsal will be November 5th, 10AM-2PM and the shows will be November 6th, 7th & 13th. The shows are at 7PM. Submissions should be emailed to la(at) For more details please see submissions. [...]

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New Episodes Up on Our Podcast

Last December I re-vamped the podcast and now, instead of interviewing creative moms, I am posting the performances from the shows. The performances that I have permission to post. Some performers only want their piece to live in the theatre and I understand 100%. Our latest Silver Lake show has just gone up and you [...]

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Announcing The Burlington, Vermont Cast

Local Producer Sheramay Tsai has been working hard to bring her community Expressing Motherhood. We were blown away with all of the submissions, not an easy task for the first time in a new city. Not only do we have a wonderful cast lined up but we are all very thankful to our sponsors as [...]

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Added Silver Lake Dates

Due to our most recent sold out Silver Lake show, we have added two additional dates. Our shows often sell out, but since I was able to secure the theatre so quickly for two additional nights, I went ahead and did so. Thank you for supporting Expressing Motherhood all these years. Please note that not [...]

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ExMoShow News

Good morning, it's 5:48AM and everyone is asleep at my house. Thought I'd quickly re-cap what Expressing Motherhood has been up to. We just returned from Portland, Oregon where we had a truly wonderful show. This was our second time in PDX and it was a blast. Expressing Motherhood has grown and flourished over this [...]

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Join Our Email List

Expressing Motherhood was founded in 2008 and has flourished all via grassroots effort. Thank you for sticking with the show. Please join our email list to keep in touch. We don't email often. Only to keep you in the loop of our submissions and shows. Expressing Motherhood has and would never share your email with [...]

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