Expressing Motherhood Boston Mother’s Day Show

Expressing Motherhood will be returning to Boston for the third time this Spring. Returning ExMoShow alum and Local Producer Robin Golinski will be bringing the show to  Moseleys on the Charles . Local Producer Robin Golinski We will be there on May 12th, Mother's Day for a 4PM show. Tickets for our Mother's [...]

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April Los Angeles Cast

Our last monthly show that I have scheduled for 2019 here in LA is set for April. Tickets are on sale now. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE. Meet The Cast Julie Peoples Clark Stephanie Wiley Mommy Tonk Amy Neyer Janelle Scales Torye Anthony Aleyna Minamoto Rosa Easton Bren Tully Courtney Crane Christina Fernandez Maria Nicolacakis

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March ExMoShow Cast and Tickets

Expressing Motherhood is doing monthly shows in 2019 in Los Angeles, we have shows slated January - May 1st, each month consists of a new cast. Due to abundance of submissions we received it's clear we can do this every month of 2019, much gratitude for the support and we'll let you know what's next. [...]

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February ExMoShow Cast

Tickets for our February 2019 Silver Lake show are up now. We look forward to seeing you January, February, March and April in 2019 here in Los Angeles. Meet our February cast: Pam Levin Sigute Miller Tynishia McGraw Toni Hudson Dorothy Pincus Amy Chesler Harri James Lauri Greenberg Dixie Perkinson Sunita Param Joanna Lovinger Lindsay [...]

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January 2019 LA Cast

Tickets are now on sale for our January 18th and 19th shows at The Lyric Hyperion in Silver Lake. GET YOUR TICKET HERE We are looking forward to our monthly shows here in LA January -May of 2019. Yes, that's right we will be having shows January, February, March and April (ending May 1st) We [...]

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Expressing Motherhood’s Monthly LA Edition

Expressing Motherhood just wrapped our 2018 year, thank you to everyone for continuing to support this community. What a treat to have been able to take the show to Portland, Oregon again this year and Burlington, Vermont for the first time this year. Thank you, all of the shows are available for your listening on [...]

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