A post by producer, Jessica Cribbs

My husband ignored my stupidity this weekend and thank God he did.

The family that supports everything I do.

The family that supports everything I do.

I woke up Saturday morning around 2am with terrible pain in my jaw and left side of my face. I knew what was going on. I had a cold I never properly took care of…you know, by resting, drinking fluids and getting enough sleep…and now it came to get me with a sinus infection.

When I told my husband I should go to Urgent Care to see a doctor, he asked if he should take the day off work to stay home. Of course I said, ‘No. I’ll be fine. I’ll just take a nap later when Courtney naps.”

He took the day off.


The last time I told him I think I need to see a doctor (back in 2008), I ended up in the hospital for a full week with viral meningitis.


An empty, quiet, waiting room… a little bit of heaven

I thought about it all day Saturday in my resting time, how I never seem to stop moving until an illness stops me from moving. I feel like I’m on a mini vacation when I am in the hospital with a severe illness, when I’m getting my teeth cleaned in the dentist chair, when I’m delivering a baby with a short hospital stay or sitting in an Urgent Care room watching the US Open by myself for an hour.

A girlfriend texted me that day and said “The only time I have felt time off was in the hospital after my babies were born. I even appreciated the c-sections (2 out of 4 kids) because they gave me more time away!”


I’ve read a few articles lately about how we, as a country, take the least care of our mothers after they give birth. This is insane to me! We have it instilled in us to just keep swimming…just keep swimming…you’ve given birth….just keep swimming…you’ve got a cold..just keep swimming….



My little Courtney wearing a onsie from my last ExMo Vacay. I was pregnant with her in NY.

I am looking forward to my Expressing Motherhood Vacation next week… It’s not that we wont be working. Lindsay and I generally have spinning heads and are running here and there to accomplish errands in an unfamiliar city…but we love it!

One week from today I will be on a plane…by myself, flying to the Midwest. I will be producing a show with a great friend…with no lunches to pack. I will be meeting family and friends for dinners and shopping…with no babysitter to line up.

This girl is truly blessed in more ways than she can count…and is so excited for the Chicago show, she could burst.

This girl is also on antibiotics while up at 5am cleaning the kitchen, paying bills, scheduling the calendar for when I’m not here next week, packing lunches, checking Facebook and writing this post.

Some things about me will never change.