A post by Co-Creator Lindsay Kavet.

My child is taking a very long nap…you know what that means.

Shit is getting done.

As this round of shows begins to slowly end, my mind always goes to what will I do next, creatively speaking. I mentioned a project I started but had to leave behind for a while. Well after walking my son to school again and biting my tongue at parents speeding by us (MOTHER(S) f$%^#%s slow down) Oh that would have felt good but been just so bad. Just typing that felt better.

Anyways, after that happening, again, mixed with the cooler weather and a napping child I re-opened my passion project. And I typed up a post and started a Facebook page.

Check it out and if you are interested please like my Facebook page. As a LA mom I’m scared you know what less at the prospect of my kids driving here. I’m actually scared now. Too many people are dying on our roads. Anyways, here it is my passion project, Fix The Toaster.

Man, and he’s still asleep.