Soon I’ll get to dive into some of my favorite days.

Picking out music for the show. Re-reading the pieces, thinking about these women and what they’ve gone through, what they are sharing.

I start to listen to music a lot.

Today at pilates I heard a song called “Limit To Your Love” by James Blake. I had never heard it before. I often think of songs in context of a mom and the relationship with her child around showtime for obvious reasons.

As I was trying to suck it in and exercise I kept rolling over “Limit To Your Love” over in my mind. Well, certainly this is not about a parent child relationship. There are no limits one wouldn’t go to.

Then I kept thinking about it.

I thought about the stories you will be hearing and a few of them do talk about limits. Even as mothers we sometimes have to limit ourselves. Sometimes it takes for us to become mothers to realize we wish that more limits would have been enforced when we were daughters. Sometimes we just have to draw our own line of limitation to exist as peacefully as we can.

Anyways, love the song.