What I find interesting about being a mom is thinking myself prior self versus my current self. I feel very much the same but yet as if the world sees that I exist on a whole different planet. Planet mom.

Tonight as my husband and I took out our three kids to Barney Beanery and ate fried, crappy food in a bus I looked at the young waitresses and thought about how they might see me.

As a mom. Of course.

But I refrained from talking to our leggy waitress about how just yesterday I was waiting tables. And I was always so relieved to know that the tables I waited on were filled with families that weren’t mind. I could simply glide to the next table. Incredibly un encumbered, with the world as my oyster.

Then I was introduced to this song tonight and the intimate nature of Lou Dollion’s voice just kind of resonated with me. Wanted to share the song and the mental image of me eating on a bus.