Upcoming performer Rachel Zients Schinderman is no stranger to the Expressing Motherhood stage. She has performed with us many times over the years. Her writing classes, which she teaches, Mommie Brain, have sent us many performers our way. It’s been great having her calming presence around over the years.


How did you hear about ExMo? 
I am not sure where I heard about Expressing Motherhood originally, but it was long ago and I knew it was something I wanted to try to be involved in.
How many kids do you have? Do you work outside of the home?
 I have two sons, ages 3 and 7.  I am mostly home with them but I teach writing groups and freelance write under www.mommiebrain.com.
How do you express yourself creatively? 
I perform in Expressing Motherhood regularly. I write.  I volunteer for The March of Dimes.  I teach.  And I make a lot of lists about all the creative projects I want to do once I have the time.
Have you ever performed before? In ExMo or other shows?
This will be my 5th time performing in Expressing Motherhood.  I have also performed many times in Spark off Rose in Santa Monica.  Long ago, many lifetimes ago, I was an actress.  I studied at The Neighborhood Playhouse and came to LA to pursue acting.  I even went to theater camp and used sing and dance for anyone who would pay attention.  Now that seems quite foreign to me.
What do you love about being a mom in LA? What do you find challenging?
Motherhood itself is challenging, regardless of LA or not.  My biggest challenge would be that our family is in New York.  But after living in LA for almost 17 years, I have been so taken by how LA is set up so nicely for families.  I think this is my happiest time in Los Angeles.  In Culver City, where we live, there is such a sense of community and so we have all the things that being in a big city offers along with sort of feeling we live in a small town.  It’s win win.