Meet upcoming performer Peggy Mannix. Peggy has lived in SilverLake for 30 years! Her piece will give you something to talk about if you are fortunate enough to be able to come see the show. It’s great. Meet Peggy…

Peggy 60


How did you hear about ExMo?
Went to see my beloved friend Anna Bocci perform in your show. I was sitting in between her and her now husband Joel West in the dressing room of a show we were doing together. I literally felt them falling in love.
How many kids do you have? Do you work outside of the home?
We have two grown sons who live in Seattle, Washington. Yes, besides being an actor, I work part time as a public speaker for FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. It is very creative and I have been able to reinvent myself for my third act of life.
How do you express yourself creatively?
My piece “The Comeback” is a direct result of participating in a friend’s suggestion of a Creative Salon called Renegade Salon. We meet at each hoer’s homes and share our writing, read a scene or do anything that helps us to enrich our creative souls.
Have you ever performed before?
In ExMo or other shows. I am a show business whore and I love it.
What do you love about being a mom in LA?
My experience with mothering in LA is dated to be sure. But we lived in the little hamlet of Silverlake, raised our kids here where they went to a cooperative nursery school that is legend on the grounds of the DWP around the Silverlake Resevoir. All of our current friends for over 30 years are a direct result of the other parents we met through our kids in Mommy & Me and beyond. Amazing. Our kids went to puplic school, took buses to the magnet schools and we held our breath as they maneuvered through the maze of the magnets. It all worked out. Great kids, happy, healthy and thriving in successful careers.  What do you find challenging? We did it on our own. No family here. We also had a babysitting co-op what was extremely successful and we utilized it so much. We just bartered hours, no money passed anyone’s hands. And your kids get to be with other kids as you wither work or go on a well needed date night. During a few periods of theatrical work I had to leave town for a play for 8 weeks up in Sacramento. I was able to repay the swapping of a car pool pick up within a few weeks of my return. It was brilliant and many of us are still friends today sharing in grandchildren and weddings, etc. It was a marvelous way to raise our kids to be city kids and have a sense of community.