Meet Amanda MacKinnon. She is flying in from Boston to perform in the show! This always amazes us that people will do this. Makes us happy of course. We can’t wait to hang with you Amanda.


How did you hear about ExMo? 

An acquaintance performed in your Boston show.


How many kids do you have? Do you work outside of the home?

I have two boys.   Outside, like in the yard?  Other than gardening, I don’t work outside of the home.


How do you express yourself creatively?

I’ve never thought of myself as a creative person.  In my pre-kid life I was an intellectual property lawyer, which involved lots of formulaic writing, but not terribly “creative” writing.


Have you ever performed before? In ExMo or other shows.

No. This is scary for me.


What do you love about being a mom in LA? What do you find challenging?


I’m not an LA mom.  But, what I love about being a suburban Boston mom is…going to LA becomes a fun field trip?! Really, I hope I can hold my own with the LA moms.  All of this back and forth about sending in the link to our websites and submitting our headshots has me thinking that I am in way over my head.  That’s what I anticipate finding challenging, being able to hang with the artistic types rather than just filing your trademarks and copyrights.