Michelle Villemaire will be performing in our next show in Hollywood. Tickets are on sale now.


How did you hear about ExMo? 
I first heard about ExMo when a mom from our synagogue, Laura Diamond, mentioned that she did the show. Then In April I met you lovelies at a Club MomMe event. :)
How many kids do you have? Do you work outside of the home?
I have 2 girls. One just turned 6. The other will be 3 opening night! I write/work at home. But also at Starbucks. And the library. And in my car…
How do you express yourself creatively?
Constantly expressing myself– I’m a writer, actor, crafter, cook and interior designer of my own home…
Have you ever performed before? In ExMo or other shows.
 Yes, I have been an actor. Mostly bit parts in movies or TV shows you’ve never heard of so there’s really no use mentioning it!
What do you love about being a mom in LA? What do you find challenging?
I love that we have easy access to beach, mountains and desert. I find living away from family and having to pay for childcare challenging.