Joya with Hattie, 7 and Chandler, 2

Joya with Hattie, 7 and Chandler, 2

This is Joya.

Joya will be performing in the show opening Mother’s Day Weekend. She is a mother to two beautiful girls ages 7 and 2, a wife to Josh and a writer/producer on the weekday morning show at KTTV.

She also studied Broadcast Journalism at Emerson College in Boston.

As I was planning on sharing Joya with all of you anyway today, I’d like to also share with you that she has spent a lot of time in the streets of Boston where the bombings happened this week. She also was in the newsroom at FOX in Los Angeles helping to report the story to all of us here watching and listening closely.

I talked to Joya this morning and she shared this with me:

On campus in Boston

On campus in Boston

“Its hard to put into words the sadness I feel for the city of Boston. I am overwhelmed with emotions as I sit and cover this act of terrorism for our morning show. I adopted Beantown in my heart when I started Emerson College. While I left nearly 14 years ago, its still a place that feels like home. The news of the bombings shook me to my core, because I walked those very sidewalks nearly every day for five years. The two jobs I had through college (and beyond) were located on Boyleston Street, both of them within steps of the bombing sites. I know what its like there on Marathon day… the excitement, the crowds. So today I say a prayer for Boston, for my fellow Emersonians and most importantly, for those who lost a loved one in this senseless and horrific tragedy.”

Joya is a very amazing, strong and talented woman. She has seen a few Expressing Motherhood shows in the past few years and says “… I love it. I find each show brings laughter and tears.”

When I asked her what made her decide to submit, she replied, “I always had the notion that I wanted to submit, but not before I had something real to say. I wanted my story to have substance. The piece I submitted was healing for me. Telling that story helped me grow and I hope it helps others grow as well. I’m simultaneously thrilled and scared to death to be on a stage!”

Joya at her daughter's school fundraiser

Joya at her daughter’s school fundraiser

Joya says she’s “just starting to get back in touch” with her creative side.”

She says “There are also rare days where I specifically set out to write. I put it on the calendar, I find a quiet corner of a coffee shop or library and I just go to town! Those are life affirming days because I feel so accomplished when they are done! (and then I crave another!)”


We are looking forward to having Joya grace the Expressing Motherhood stage in May.