Maria Shriver interviewed Expressing Motherhood for the Today Show today!

JessicaCribbs, Maria Shriver and Lindsay Kavet

Jessica, Maria Shriver and Myself.

Or as I like to say, Maria Shriver was in my backyard.

Jessica and I are honored to be interviewed by such a strong, smart woman like herself. Beyond honored.

Delighted, taken aback and downright giddy.

Yesterday when we found out this would happen we quickly threw ourselves into getting ready. Finding childcare, baking cookies, cleaning toilets and getting nails done were on this list.

I ran to TJMaxx and grabbbed a bunch of clothes and threw them on and posted them on Instagram hoping people with fashion sense could help me.

Trying on outfits for the Today show

Jessica woke up at 4:30 and a friend came over and helped her pick out an outfit.

At 10 a film crew showed up and Jessica pulled up with fresh cookies. I asked Jessica if she was nervous. I was.


Cut roses from the garden.

The producer reminded me the importance of the piece is what the show has brought to people.

Lindsay and Jessica wait for the interview

Then suddenly Maria Shriver was in my kitchen. We walked outside and sat down with her and she interviewed us. I enjoyed her openness with us off camera and her passion for  moms. Her determination to make moms feel comfortable with being moms instead of saying,  “I’m just a mom.”

Maria Shriver in the backyard

Nicole Blaine and Maria Shriver

Two time performer Nicole Blaine couldn’t believe Maria Shriver was in my backyard, either.

I hope that in the interview, which will air soon we will let you know when, the joy for this show is evident and the appreciation for the performers is great.

Today was a huge gift. Thank you Maria and crew.