Past performer Susan Sheu just let me know about a great night out next week here in Los Angeles.

“For The Better – Honoring 10 Years of Paralysis”, is written by a Los Angeles mom, Lyena Strelkoff. Here is a bit about her from her website:

My name is Lyena Strelkoff. I live in the Los Angeles area with my husband, Dean, our one-year old son, Aidan, and my service dog, Reba. I’m a speaker, writer and performer, more or less in that order, and I LOVE my job. I also love cooking and eating gourmet health food (no, not an oxymoron), listening to funky female power pop, and dancing my heart out.

I’m also paraplegic. In 2002, I fell 25 feet from a tree and broke my back. Everything I do, I do from a wheelchair. That makes my life challenging sometimes, but it doesn’t define it and it certainly doesn’t ruin it. Incidentally, I don’t believe it makes me a hero either. What I am is a woman creating, working, loving, mothering, learning, laughing and growing, in the context of disability. I’m happy to say it’s a wildly satisfying life – wickedly hilarious, sometimes stupidly hard, mundane and beautiful, and, well, pretty much everything in between.

Tickets and more information can be found here.