Expressing Motherhood is celebrating 12 years in January. Thank you for supporting this show. Much has changed on the landscape for mothers. Back in 2008 this show was created as a void for content about motherhood and a secret wish for some new mom friends. Well, wish granted and wonderful seeing more stories about motherhood popping up everywhere. Guess I’m getting old but I’m grateful for it!

Come join us January 18th at 5PM or January 19th at 4PM at The Lyric Hyperion in Silver Lake.

We look forward to having this cast share their stories about motherhood with you on stage.

Tickets are selling quickly, get yours here before we sell out.

The Cast

Yasminn Dunn

Reagan Quynn

France Demoulin

Tekira Briscoe

Diane Plumee

Courtney Crane

Emily Corak

Pam Levin

Brenda Mutchnik

Rachel Sarnoff

Mommy Tonk