Lizeth Cruz performed for Expressing Motherhood last Spring here in LA. We feel that her story is so important to be told and heard because there is a lot of judgement around her situation. Lizeth had to leave her two young son’s in Mexico and return here to Los Angeles where her family resides. Why would a mom ever choose to leave her kids in another country? Listen to her story and imagine yourself in her shoes and you might have a better understanding, we did. On a personal note, I have searched for years for someone to share this type of story. No one was willing. When I asked Lizeth, she did not blink an eye.

Her strength should come of no surprise as she was mugged right before our Sunday matinee by her house, in broad daylight, she fought of the 3 young punks and came to perform with a cut on her forehead. Yes, this young mom is tough.