Heels to Packing Lunches

There is always a a strange transition from going to staying up late, wearing red or sparkly lipstick, heels and hearing thunderous applause for something you've poured your soul into juxtaposed to the next early morning with your kids.   Greeted with hugs and hustling and thoughts swirling around your head the days tasks seem [...]

2014-02-11T10:10:25-08:00February 11, 2014|Behind The Scenes, Lindsay|


(I wrote this post last night but censored myself and didn't post it until today)   Today, had me, mid-day in tears. Maybe it was the dry heat mid-November juxtaposed with the freaking Christmas stuff I see up already juxtaposed with not even knowing what we are doing for Thanksgiving juxtaposed with trying to explain [...]

2013-11-15T11:53:33-08:00November 15, 2013|Behind The Scenes, Lindsay|

Holi – Craze

It has been a day full of whining and crying at my house. I've felt exasperated. Not sure if it's due to his asthma or what, but I think my husband nailed it on the head. Halloween is freaking my 3 1/2 year-old out. We have a 2 year-old as well and for a week [...]

2013-10-31T13:44:43-07:00October 31, 2013|Lindsay|

S P A C E in the S U B U R B S.

Look at this closet space! I would tell every friend who had made the 20 minute drive from "the city" to come see us in the, gulp, suburbs (I choke mentally when I say that word.) Oh my God, was more or less their response and then I'd see the wheels clacking in their brain. [...]

2013-10-24T21:29:48-07:00October 24, 2013|Lindsay|

My Modern Ketubah

I am in an inter-faith marriage. And we still look at each like that. Every single day. Every single moment. All the time. yeah...........well anyways, we still make each other laugh and that's good. I was brought up non-denominational Christian and my husband was brought up Jewish. We've been together for 14 years [...]

2013-09-29T19:42:29-07:00September 29, 2013|Lindsay|
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